Stats by Dog

Dog Name Owner Breed Age
JakeJennie ByasseeAustralian Cattle Dog49
YearTop Jump Avg All Jumps Avg Top 5 Jumps Total Distance Jumped
Division Num Scores Title EarnedDate Earned
Pee Wee - 0'-9'11"13Yes09/28/2014
Date Dive Handler Jump 1 Jump 2 Score Placement Division
Dog Days of Summer - La Habra Heights, CA
7/26/133Jennie Byassee6.005.046.004thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
7/27/137Jennie Byassee5.075.015.0711thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
7/27/13FinalJennie Byassee5.105.115.115thPee Wee - 0'-9'11" Final
2014 Hawthorne Family and Pet Expo
9/27/142Jennie Byassee4.063.114.063rdPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
9/28/148Jennie Byassee5.105.075.107thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
2015 Hawthorne Family and Pet Extravaganza
9/26/152Hannah OMalley5.093.085.098thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
9/26/154Hannah OMalley6.055.036.057thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
9/27/15FinalHannah OMalley7.001.087.006thJunior Handler Final
63rd Annual California RV Show
10/10/158Hannah OMalleyNJNJNJ8thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
10/11/1510Hannah OMalley4.044.084.089thPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
63rd Annual California RV Show -- Last Chance Qualifiers
10/16/156Hannah OMalley1.015.045.041stPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
1st Annual American Diving Dogs Championships at the California RV Show
10/18/15FinalHannah OMalley3.095.015.012ndLapdog Final
2016 Bark at the Park at the Lancaster City Park
10/1/163Jennie Byassee2.073.063.062ndPee Wee - 0'-9'11"
10/2/16FinalJennie Byassee4.004.094.092ndLapdog Final
Handler Top Jump Avg All Jumps Avg Top 5 Jumps Total Distance Jumped
Jennie Byassee6.005.015.0368.05
Hannah OMalley7.005.085.1154.00