About Us

We are dog enthusiasts with a passion for doing exciting things with our dogs.  It was our dogs' natural love of the sport of dock diving that launched the idea for American Diving Dogs.  

Having extensively competed in the sport, our team brings more than three decades of collective experience to our events providing a unique perspective and enthusiasm that no other dock diving organization does.

American Diving Dogs is committed to animal rescue and believes that dock diving provides an opportunity to advance responsible pet ownership by doing something fun that also exercises a dog's mind and body.  In addition to putting on first class events, we feel it is important to promote rescued animals that are available for adoption and to raise money needed for their care.  To that end, we are proud to say that all profits from American Diving Dogs' events go directly to non-profit animal rescue organizations.

Our Goals

We strive to bring dock diving events to local communities where the whole family, including the family dog, can participate in a competitive, yet friendly and supportive environment.  Making sure everyone, especially the dogs, is having fun is our highest priority.

What is Dock Diving

Dock diving is a sport where dogs jump off a platform into a pool of water to retrieve a toy.  The length of the dogs' jumps are measured.  In the High Dive, the dogs' jump height is measured.

Who Can Compete

Dogs of all sizes, breeds and abilities can come to compete.  As long as your dog likes to fetch and enjoys the water, he or she can be the next great American Diving Dog.  There is no need to have any prior experience or training.  Our accomplished staff will be there to help anyone new to the sport get started.  

What We Bring To Your Event

*  Non-stop entertainment.  The dogs compete and practice all day.
*  A fan base that will draw competitors and spectators from all over the region, increasing foot traffic and revenue for the event, facility and the vendors.
*  Additional advertising through American Diving Dogs' mailing distribution and social media outlets.
*  Goodwill in the community for supporting an organization dedicated to animal rescue.
*  A professional event ran by some of the most experienced competitors and trainers in the sport.

Contact Info


(657) 229-4ADD (4233)

(657) 549-6554, FAX